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About Our Founder

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Meet: Ali Haynes Ansari

In Austria, Ali began doing camerawork. He worked with many different organizations and NGOs in this time to capture their events. He also wrote, directed, and edited an award-winning short film called No Reason, which was accepted into 5 international film festivals. 

His goal is not just to take pictures and videos; he always wants to tell a story.

After 2 years of coordinating refugee work in Greece and Albania---and taking pictures and videos while doing so---he has now moved to the United States with his wife, Olivia. They live in Richmond, Virginia.

Ali has experience in photography and videography for weddings, conferences, interviews, advertisements, short films, model shoots, and individual/couples/family shoots. He would love to be involved in your next project.


For booking, you can contact Ali at, message him through Facebook, or call at +1 (804) 613-9026.

Featured Film Experience from Ali:

November 2017

June 2019

2020 - 2021


Maryam Short Film,

Director, Project Manager


Awakening Europe, Cameraman

Worked as the second cameraman for a livestreamed event of over 12,000 people for 3 days in Vienna, Austria with

United 7.


No Reason (Short Film), Director, Editor, Project Manager

fifth_00000 (1).jpg

Attorney General’s “Virginia’s 100% Business Alliance Against Human Trafficking Documentary”,

Cameraman, Photographer, and Assistant

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